Paleo "OG" Granola

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Baked low & slow, this delicious grain, nut & seed-free granola has a nice crunch & will keep you satisfied for hours!  

 All of your favorite granola flavors, but fits your new diet.

This is an autoimmune protocol compliant snack that anyone can enjoy.  Great for on-the-go, or a quick, energy-packed breakfast.  Pairs nicely with coconut yogurt, or consumed as a cereal with your favorite alternative mylk.

It is lightly sweetened with dates, bananas & local Adirondack maple syrup, so eat in moderation on a low-sugar healing protocol!


Ingredients: sulfite-free coconut*, baked green plantain chips, banana, dates*, local Adirondack Mountains maple syrup, mulberries*, spice blend* (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove), pure vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt.

*certified organic & fair trade


Ingredients that are not marked as organic are non-gmo


*Note: Nutmeg is temporarily removed in the very beginning of the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, during what is called the strict elimination phase. It is usually successfully re-introduced back into the diet.  Nutmeg is a seed spice.

8 oz package




When stored properly, your granola will be good for up to 4-5 months from purchase date.

To store, keep bag sealed and ideally in an air-tight container (although not necessary!) in a cool, dry place. It can also be stored for a longer period of time in the freezer.

As humidity gets to it over time, it will simply lose some of its crunch, but is still safe to eat.

Customer Reviews

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"OG" Granola

Is to die for! Delish in Greek yogurt.

Awesome products and service

Hannah’s products are excellent quality with great flavors. I am thoroughly enjoying the granolas and pancake mix.

Love this stuff!!

The Granola and Snackola are healthy snacks that are great anytime. Looking forward to trying the Waffle mix. I love supporting small businesses who focus on a tasty, quality product that doesn’t slow me down. Well worth it.

Delicious Granola

The granola is so yummy and healthy! It is a delicious snack in between meals or addition to overnight oats or yogurt. I will be reordering soon!

Flavor and Crunch!

The perfect addition to my smoothie bowls - you don’t want to run out! The OG granola is tasty, light, and has a great crunch. Highly recommend!